Feasibility Study of Use of Recycled Water at the Oakland Zoo

Client: East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California

Using funds from a Proposition 13 Grant from the California Department of Water Resources, EBMUD retained WRE to study the feasibility of implementing water recycling at the Oakland Zoo.

The feasibility study met multiple objectives. It assessed the zoo’s water and wastewater infrastructures, defined the volumes of water used for different applications, identified and evaluated feasible conservation and recycling alternatives, investigated regulatory and permitting issues, and developed a preliminary (10 percent) design for a viable conservation/recycling alternative.

WRE conducted a preliminary screening of strategies and identified seven alternatives. After a thorough evaluation, the District and the Zoo selected a preferred option that included:

  • A spring water collection system
  • Water storage tanks/cisterns
  • Non-potable water distribution system
  • Treatment, disinfection, and recirculation of moat water using UV for disinfection