Cross-Connection Control Manual and Program Assessment

Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

A “cross-connection” is an actual or potential link connecting a source of pollution with the potable water supply. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) protects drinking water by preventing cross-connections, generally caused by backflow. This is done by enforcing the use of appropriate backflow prevention assemblies.

WRE engineers prepared a Cross-Connection Control Manual to serve as a single source of information about federal, state, and City requirements for backflow protection. The manual outlines the responsibilities of the various parties involved in cross-connection control and provides SFPUC customers and contractors with an understanding of cross-connections, backflow prevention assemblies, and the reasons for installing backflow protection.

WRE also assessed the City’s Cross-Connection Control Program, evaluating the effectiveness of the current program and identifying changes that could simplify program activities and improve program effectiveness.